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5 Under 40

5 Under 40 is an organization that unites women under 40 at different stages of breast cancer detection, treatment and survival. Their goal is to provide access to the vital tools and resources necessary for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. They are committed to support women under the age of forty through every stage of this disease by empowering lives, helping preserve beauty and vitality, fostering hope, and strengthening survivorship.

I have been involved with this organization by hosting Face-to-Face Meet ups.  These Face-to-Face Meet ups offer attendees an opportunity to come together in a safe and comfortable environment to listen to a medical, wellness or beauty expert speak. These gatherings also allow recipients to share their stories and experiences with a community of young breast cancer survivors. 

The Meet ups that I hosted concentrated on Foods that Can Heal:

  • Summer Salads and Slaws
  • Sweetness without the Sugar
  • Spices and Superfoods
To learn more visit the 5 Under 40 website.