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Take Action & Prevent Breast Cancer

Take Action & Prevent Breast Cancer
5 simple, daily steps to reduce your risk of breast cancer by 30% despite the risk factors of genetics, environment and age

By Anita Sadaty, MD + MaryAnn Jones, CHC

1. Exercise, stop sitting
Action step: 30 minutes of moderate, break a sweat, exercise, shoot for 150 minutes a week
Risk reduction: 25-30%*

2. Superfoods, nourish yourself
Action step: Include these cancer fighting powerhouses into your daily diet:
OLIVE OIL 4 tablespoons
COLOR 8 to10 servings of colorful fruits (2-3 servings) and vegetables (6-7 servings
Prioritize a variety of veggies with at least 1 serving from the cruciferous family which includes broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts and cabbage
GREEN TEA 3 small cups
FIBER 25 grams minimum
Risk reduction: 20-40% depending on the studies*

3. Play in the sun, vitamin D
Action step: 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure to the face and arms boosts vitamin D levels and is the equivalent of taking 3000 IU of vitamin D daily. Aim for vitamin D blood levels above 40 and ideally above 50. Get at least 200 MCG of vitamin k2 daily.
Risk reduction: 30-50% According to one study, vitamin D levels above 40 was associated with a 50% decreased risk of breast cancer compared to women with blood levels below 40*

4. Reduce alcohol
Action step: Minimize alcohol intake to none or at most 1 to 2 glasses per week
Risk awareness: 3-6 glasses of wine/week increases your risk 20%. Each glass above 6 increases your risk 10%. Women who had 2 drinks daily had a 51% greater risk compared to those who never consumed alcohol.

5. Reduce sugar
Action step: Reduce highly processed, sugar containing food. MINIMIZE anything in a bag or box that doesn’t require refrigeration. Go for WHOLE FOODS: whole fruit, whole vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, nuts, etc.
Risk awareness: Women with the greatest intake of sugar had a 19% increased risk compared to women who consumed the least amount of sugary foods.

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