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Five Ways to Thrive

Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential to Thrive

MaryAnn Jones will support, inspire and motivate you toward your health & wellness goals

“Health coaching challenged me beyond losing weight, to envision a new reality… I couldn’t go back to my old self nor did I want to. I wanted to go someplace new.”    —Lucia

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5 Ways to Thrive

Five Ways to Thrive


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Jump Your Way to Better Health

The amazing benefits of jumping on a rebounder by MaryAnn Jones I have been attending Jump classes with Emily Tyson for almost five years now! I still remember my first […]

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Sara: Driving Toward Diet Changes

Sara was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome by her Functional Medicine doctor, who recommended that she incorporate a gluten- and dairy-free diet for six weeks before undergoing a follow-up endoscopy. […]