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About MaryAnn Jones & Thrive Naturally

I think I always knew there was more

I could not accept that life was ordinary

Just getting from point A to point B

Accepting normal, average, fine, never felt right

Good is the enemy of great

Then one day I decided to thrive

Hi, I am MaryAnn Jones, and I believe we all have unlimited potential to change our habits and thrive. I consider myself a “recovering picky eater”. I changed my own habits to free myself from fatigue, migraines and IBS. I offer my support, inspiration, awareness and attention to motivate you to take simple steps that lead to your vision of wellness.

As a Certified Functional Health Coach and on-site Workplace Wellness Coach, I never miss an opportunity to share my passion for wellness. My experience in publishing makes me an excellent communicator. I have been featured on, MindBodyGreen, SplendidSpoon and in Weight Watchers magazine.

Splendid Spoon