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Transformation Stories

Sara: Driving Toward Diet Changes

Sara was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome by her Functional Medicine doctor, who recommended that she incorporate a gluten- and dairy-free diet for six weeks before undergoing a follow-up endoscopy. Her doctor recommended that she consult with a Certified Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian.

After gathering information from her doctor and nutritionist, Sara was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to completely change her diet, but had a deep desire to change the course of her health and was determined to put in the effort required. She recognized that she wanted ongoing support and help navigating the new decisions she wanted to make and habits she desired to change. Sara shared her thoughts with her practitioner who offered my contact information.

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Mara: “Me Time” Matters

In our ongoing series, Transformation Stories, Mara explains how health coaching helped her understand how to make herself a priority.

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Michael: I Wasn’t Ready, and Then I Was

In our ongoing series, Transformation Stories, Michael talks about his struggles and decision to get healthy.

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Lucia: This Is Us

Lucia discovers that caring for her health doesn’t mean deciding between her family and herself in our ongoing series, Transformation Stories.

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Elina: I Am a Miracle

Here is our first article in a series called Transformation Stories. Elina talks about her journey back to a healthier her.

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