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Workplace Wellness

Health Coaching in the Workplace Benefits:

  • Help people either improve or maintain their health
  • A coach focuses on goals and motivation not specific eating exercise plans
  • Inspires employees to make better choices in support of their health and wellness goals
  • Can help reduce the cost of health care as well as absenteeism
  • Can positively contribute to performance and productivity
lunch and learn


  • 60-minute lunchtime workshops that focus on a simple, practical wellness topic
  • Catered nutritious and delicious lunch tailored to the theme
  • Information and inspiration provided to create and fuel SMART wellness goals around the topic
  • Interactive visual presentations, demos, handouts

Sample Workshops

  • Habit Change in the Kitchen
  • Fix Your Food Habits
  • Meal Prep Makeovers
  • Got Stress
  • How to Eat Out and Thrive
  • Ask a Health Coach, One-on-one, 15-minute appointments are an opportunity for employees to address their individual health and wellness concerns
motivational speaking

Clients include:

  • The Nielsen Company
  • Northwell
  • Bank of America
  • Ruder Finn

Ask Me About Motivational Speaking

Clients include:

  • The Cooking Lab
  • Sculpt by Emily
  • Lean on Me
  • 5Under40