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21-Day Thrive Challenge

Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting, I am so thrilled to start 2016 with you.

Perhaps before or after the ball dropped you were feeling a bit of pressure to set an annual resolution. I had many clients reschedule their December appointments for after January 1st so they can “get back” to their health goals. What if this year, instead of setting a resolution, you take a no-excuses approach & actually create a plan to thrive all year long?

Did you know that only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s Resolutions

  • Making a wish does not set you up for success
  • A resolution like “I will lose weight,” doesn’t provide the tools you need to achieve your goal—it is really just 4 words unless you have a plan
  • Fail to plan, plan to fail

And many times we frame our resolutions in the negative

  • You want to LOSE weight or QUIT a habit
  • We are bringing focus to something we dislike about ourselves
  • The negative is not a good starting point for success

This year, let’s create a plan instead!

  • Consider your resolution a beginning rather than a goal
  • Reframe your resolution, ex. Instead of losing weight perhaps you are gaining health, energy & confidence
  • Instead of being overwhelmed by starting a whole new exercise regime break it down into smaller steps with a defined timeline
  • Assess what you are doing now & how you can improve, not necessarily change
  • Keep it positive & bring joy to the process

I propose a 21-day challenge to inspire you to thrive in 2016

  • Set a start date & use the calendar to record and assess
  • Did you know that writing down your actions & intentions make them more likely to actually happen?
  • 21 days is a proven amount of time to create new habits
  • The more you can joyful integrate new healthy habits the more likely you are to keep them as part of your everyday life

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Thrive in 2016
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