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Celebrating 50 Years of Me

Over the last 50 years I have experienced many changes, met extraordinary people & visited magical places but one thing hasn’t changed–I have never quite felt like an adult. Perhaps this sounds strange coming from an almost 50-year-old with 2 children, husband, house & job–all clearly indications that I am indeed an adult.

After my daughter EJ was born I asked my Dad when he first started feeling like a “grown up”. He replied that he was still waiting! Perhaps, this is the secret to staying young. My own perception of myself is of someone on the cusp of adulthood, someone who believes in possibilities & miracles. I do not feel like the ascent into the next decade of my life holds me back in any way. From refusing to wear glasses for reading (I was told I would need them at age 40) to striving toward my first half marathon–I am ready for the joyful potential of the next 50 years.

I encourage you to change your story about what age means. We are bombarded daily by media stories & marketing that prey on our fear of aging. You do not have to succumb to the status quo. Create your own vision of what your next chapter will be.

50 years of MaryAnn
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