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Take Action & Prevent Breast Cancer

5 simple, daily steps to reduce your risk of breast cancer by 30% despite the risk factors of genetics, environment and age

By Anita Sadaty, MD + MaryAnn Jones, CHC

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21-Day Thrive Challenge

Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting, I am so thrilled to start 2016 with you.

Perhaps before or after the ball dropped you were feeling a bit of pressure to set an annual resolution. I had many clients reschedule their December appointments for after January 1st so they can “get back” to their health goals. What if this year, instead of setting a resolution, you take a no-excuses approach & actually create a plan to thrive all year long?

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How Thriving Is Like Driving

Over the past year I found myself doing a lot more driving than usual. College trips around the Northeast, treks into NYC and Thrive Naturally workshops all required a full tank of gas, patience and split-second decision making skills.

What if we approached our health and wellness goals the same way we would prepare for a seat behind the wheel?

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